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Australian and New Zealand Wine for Dummies

Australia Australian wine and brandy corporation ( AWBC)  Wines labeled by vintage, date or variety to contain 85% of the stated grape, year or region Defined by geographical indications (GI’s)   New South wales hunter valley is considered sub-tropical with 60% of the hunter valleys output being semillion Big rivers – Murry darling, pericoota, riverina […]

American and Canadian wine for dummies

America is a huge content, there wine is considered to be new world and vineyards are found, north, east, south and west.  The united states California produces approximately 90% of all American wine followed by new York Washington and Oregon   The AVA system and label requirements AVA = American viticultural area an AVA is […]

Viticulture and vinificaiton for dummies

Viticulture is the science, production and study of grapes. It deals specifically with grapes used in a vineyard.  To gain a proper understanding we must first look at the grapes life cycle.  The vine begins in spring with ‘budbreak’ ‘Flowering’ occurs 6 – 13 weeks after budbreak Following budbreak is the self pollination which lasts […]