Portugal for Dummies



The Home of Port also makes amazing wine 

Wine Classification and grape varietals

–       Denominacao de origen protegida (DOP) – Superior appellation

–       Indicacao Geografica protegida (IGP)

–       Denominacao de origem controlada (DOC)


14 IGP’s in Portugal

‘Garrafiera’ indicates a minimum period of ageing prior to release

  • most widely grown red grape is castelao
  • touringa nacional is portugals finest red grape


Red grapes: Bical Tinto, Mortagua preto, Baga, Aragonez, Alfrocheira

White Grapes: Fernao Pires, Encruzado, Arinto, Antao Vaz, Alentejano, Alvarinho, Cercial


Minho and Vinho Verde

  • Minho IGP and vinho Verde DOP are located in the northwest corner of the country
  • Cool and rainy atlantic influenced climate
  • Vinho verde is the biggest DOP in Portugal

White grapes: Alvarinho, trajadura, Loureiro, Avesso, Arinto

Red Grapes: Espadeiro, Borracal, Vinhao



  • Mancao e melgaco
  • Lima
  • Cavado
  • Basto
  • Ave
  • Sousa
  • Amarante
  • Baiao
  • Paiva


Transmontano IGP

  • located to the east of minho along the Spanish boarder
  • important grapes include touringa nacional, tinta roriz, bastardo and toringa francesa


Duriense: Douro and Porto

  • Duriense IGP contains the DOP’s of duoro and porto
  • Marao and montemura mountains run through this IGP
  • Schist is the preferred soil type for port


Subregios of Douro and porto

  • Biaxa corgo
  • Cima corgo
  • Douro superior


  • the best reds are produced from touringa france, touriga nacional, tinta roriz, tinta cao, tinta barroca
  • white varietals include malvasia fina, viosinho, rabigato and gouveio



  • lies south of the duriense and minho, runs from the coast to the mountains

4 IGP’s exist within beiras

  1. terra do dao
  2. terras de cister
  3. terras da biera
  4. biera atlantico
  • Dao DOP within the beiras IGP produces some of portugals best reds – typically more floral and elegant then their counterparts. Their wines may be red, white or sparkling

Red Grapes: Touriga nacional, Jaen, Touriga Franca

White Grapes: Encruzado, cercial


Lisboa IGP

Has 9 individual DOP’s

  • Bucelas
  • Colares
  • Carcavelos
  • Arruda
  • Torres Venduras
  • Alenquer
  • Lourinha
  • Encoastas de aive

Estramadura: Releases more wine then any other region in Portugal

Colares DOP: wines are produced from the romesco grape

Bucelas DOP: Dry white wines that are produced from the arinto grape


Peninsula de Setubal IGP

  • Setubal is a superb fortified wine made from moscatel de Setubal
  • Palmela is knows for its red wines made from castelao


Alentejano IGP

  • this IGP covers 30% of portugals landmass and boarders the edge of tejo and peninsula de Setubal
  • trincadeira is the regions most prominent grape, this region also produced cork trees


Algarve IGP

  • the southernmost IGP on the portugese mainland
  • reds are made from castelao and tinta negra mole
  • arinto and siria for white wines


Acores IGP

  • found in the middle of the atlantic it has 3 DOP’s pico/graciosa and terciera 

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