Fortified wine for dummies

Fortified wines

3 towns of sherry

  1. Jerez de la Fonterra
  2. San lucar de barrameda
  3. El Puerto de santa maria


3 soil types

  • Albariza – chalky limestone
  • Barros – higher portion of clay
  • Arenas


3 soil types

  • Palomino
  • Moscatel fino
  • Pedro ximenez


Flor – a film forming yeast necessary in the maturation of sherry

Sherry is typically aged in American 600 litre oak butts

Solera is the blending of old wine with new wine

Venecia is the special cup for tasting out of barrel. The copita is what u drink from


Types of sherry

Manzanilla – very dry and must be matured entirely in sanlucar de barrameda

Fino – very dry and delicate on which flor has grown

Amontillado – dry and obratined their color through oak maturation

Olorosos – start of dry have some sweetner added before bottling and become rich and complex

PX – produced excuslivley from sun dried pedro ximenez grapes



  • Port – the famous wine from portugals duoro valley
  • Schist is the best soil for port

Grapes for port include

(Touringa nacional, touringa grancesa, tinta roris, bastardo, tinta cao)


Grapes for white port

(Gouveio, malvasia fina, viosinho)

  • the wine is fortified to 19-22% by the addition of aguardiente
  • pipe traditional port barrel used for ageing and shopping port holds 550 litres

3 subregions of port in the duoro are

  • Baixo Corgo
  • Cima corgo
  • Duoro superior




2 Styles of port

ruby – spice tones and more youthful

tawny – cask aged and develop more toffee notes



  • Often aged in bulk with no vintage date
  • Ruby reserve port is more complex
  • Vintage port – aged in cask and bottled 3 years after harvest
  • Single quinta vintage port – produced from one estates harvests


  • tawny port – does not undergo extensive cask ageing
  • reserve tawny – ages for over 6 years prior to bottling
  • tawny with indication of age – may be 10, 20, 30 or 40 high quality of fruit and matured in seasoned wood


  • 625 miles of the coast of Portugal gained their character through contanstant heating and cooling
  • produced on the island of Madeira or on porto santo

4 grapes of Madeira are

  • sercial
  • Verdelho
  • Boal
  • Malmesy



  • Fortified on the island point of sicily with white grapes grillo 

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